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Shark Sighting Report Portal

Before submitting shark sightings to Shark Watch SA, it is important that you click on the Step 1 link and read the protocol from the PIRSA webpage on reporting shark sightings. Please note that Shark Watch SA, is in no way, associated with state surf rescue bodies who are trained to deal with such situations and will implement the appropriate action in response to a shark sighting.


Shark Watch SA, is a separate/independently managed operation that does not have the power or authority to undertake such a response and offers limited protection to beachgoers in response to a reported shark sighting. 

Step 2: Submit the Appropriate Form Below to Shark Watch SA

By submitting the written form below, you have read and acknowledged the advice published by PIRSA (as mentioned in the weblink above) regarding the appropriate handling of shark sightings from members of the public. 

Report a shark sighting (happening now)

Report a shark sighting currently unfolding where the shark can still be seen.

Step 1: Capture a photo/record a video of the shark*
Upload File
Step 2 - Call our hotline. Be as specific as possible.*
Step 3 - Fill out below (if call fails)
We will get back to you ASAP.

Report a shark sighting older than 24 hours

Report a shark sighting that occurred a day or more later.

Step 1: Upload photos/video of the shark*
Upload File
Step 2 - Fill out below
We will contact you if we have any problems processing the information you provide.
Thanks for your report and contributing to this non-invasive means of state shark attack mitigation! Once we have contacted you and your report is confirmed, it will be shared on our social media outlets where it will have the greatest impact. Please be assured that your personal information will not be publicised without prior consent.

Stay safe and Alert-Act-Respect! 
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