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100,000 Eyes on the Water

Make Shark Watch part of your coastal outings!


Welcome to our depository of South Australian shark sightings! This is a place to visit before you hit the surf to gain peace of mind. When you want to learn more about sharks, their biology and migratory behaviour and when you want to become more connected to the waters that we both share.


The Home of SA Shark Activity

We have become a vital asset in shark attack mitigation for the state of South Australia. Shark Watch is an interactive service providing coastal water users with up to date information regarding shark sightings. With more than 100,000 public users in the state of South Australia alone, Shark Watch is the number one domain for community shark sightings with coastal coverage from virtually every corner of the state! 

If you're a swimmer, surfer, recreational kayaker, or diver, our voluntary service is ideal and can make up part of your prep for the day with daily updates flowing regularly throughout summer coinciding with the increasing coastal visitation numbers and aerial surveillance throughout this period. 


We have had the honour of streaming SA shark encounter videos all around the world with a huge international following that will no doubt benefit the local tourism industry in the long run, as our pristine coastlines are showcased across our social media outlets in many of your encounter videos.

7D2_4742 (1).jpg

Photograph by Steve Buck.


Serve the greater coastal communities with peace of mind through concise updates on local shark activity. To encourage more immersive experiences with the marine ecosystem and drive revenue growth in the South Australian coastal tourism sector.


Be the number one means of non-invasive shark incident deterrent in South Australia and be the number one ambassador of South Australian coastal tourism by educating the public about sharks and the vital role, they play in maintaining the marine ecosystems that we share. 


Photograph by Felicity Purcell.

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