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Shark Watch SA has officially ceased all services to the public, effective 20/10/23.
A Revelation 3:20 Story

After 9 years of operation, Shark Watch South Australia guided under the leadership of Anton Covino is officially terminating all services to the public, effective immediately (20/10/23). We would like to encourage all subscribers to stop using the current "New Shark Watch" Facebook page due to the platform being hacked. (Anton) "I would like to sincerely thank all the individuals who have supported Shark Watch and its platforms. This support has enabled me to embark on a life-changing endeavor in discovering my true God-given purpose (kindly visit @theapostolic23 channel on YouTube for more on this). Through many wonderful and unique opportunities derived from the organically grown success of this public movement, I have been able to identify and express personal gifts in the likeness of critical information sourcing and broadcasting, public speaking, and multimedia management. It has also been a blessing to have partaken in a diverse number of community engagement projects and activities. I am also extremely grateful that the public has been able to benefit from this project with many amazing moments shared between myself and other recreational water users of SA who are just as passionate about Sharks as I am!

Secondly, and perhaps most controversially, I would like to thank the Creator of this earth for using Shark Watch as a means of exposing modern culture in its authenticity from a rare and unique perspective of management. Being the sole director and coordinator of my service has given me the ability to learn and uniquely understand the public's relationship with popular media trends and the circulation of global news affairs. The impact of technologically shared news on the psyche of the public should not be underestimated and this became evidently notable over my 9 years coordinating the Shark Watch project. Most notably, a rather concerning trend appeared to evolve over time when Shark Watch began to grow in popularity and public interest spiked pertaining to many of the viral posts you may have seen on the Shark Watch socials. With these particular posts, subscribers' emotions would seemingly overtake reasoning with multitudes swayed by a false sense of hysteria and momentary trust in the news source without conducting a seemingly orderly means of research in accordance with a logical frame of mind prior to sharing the site posts with other relatives. Please note that I am not intending to place a false judgment on many of my dearly valued users. This is simply an observation I have noticed develop over time regarding the greater percentage of site users. I accept that this also could have been a result of poor content management from my behalf.

It was evident that many site users became convinced that Shark Watch was in partnership with government-funded shark patrol operations or associated in at least some way with a government body due to the professionally structured nature in which reports were broadcast on the sites. However, this was entirely not the case with the independently ordered function of operations openly shared on this website and Facebook page for the public's interest. Furthermore, these insights made me aware of the potential influence that global governments can have in swaying the world population to adopt certain beliefs and conform to new ideologies and means of control through strategic agendas using global media outlets and other areas of societal influence. 

While I remained increasingly skeptical about Politics, the News, Religion, and Culture and their notably destructive impact on the environment and humanity, like many of you, I chose to ignore all of the background noise and turned my focus on facilitating success with my "pride and joy" (Shark Watch) by embarking on many exciting and unpredictable ventures behind the scenes involving different people, places, and opportunities. Then, in 2020, the world turned on its head, and just when I thought I was escaping the Matrix and living life to the full by pursuing my own Worldly ambitions promoted by the desires of the mainstream world, I too found myself caught up in the hoax and my pride turned to shame and the powers of this world overwhelmed me to experience a great spiritual awakening.

The Truth is, we can all turn our heads away from the forces controlling our lives, but as Shark Watch taught me, ignorance is bliss until it comes back to bite you. We are the most powerful beings in existence on this planet and we have a choice through faith as to which powers of authority govern our lives (Good or Evil). The truth is, that we are born and bred to live a life in full subjection to moral, physical, and spiritual decline. Due to the powers governing this World, we conceive a complete rejection or misunderstanding of the truth regarding the very place we exist in (earth) and who created us as individuals. This is a result of strategic global agendas of deception promoted in every single conceivable angle of our waking lives. This suppresses the understanding of our true potential and keeps the greatest mysteries of creation and soul salvation under subjection with the support of ideologies of mythological falsehoods regarding their origins promoted in trusted organizations of the world.

After humbling myself to the point of losing all faith in the temptations and immoral constructs of this world, in 2021 the overwhelming evidence that a Creator exists completely purged my life and I started walking as a new man with renewed hope. Whether you believe any of my words doesn't matter because we all have our own testimonies and our relationship with God is an individual journey that the higher powers of this world don't want you to know about. Your denial is their victory. Since embarking on a new pursuit to seek out the creator and his ways through the knowledge of his living Word (the Bible and not Religion), I am now walking through life with an unequivocal understanding of the current times we're living in filled with exponential wisdom regarding mankind, the evolution and cosmology of the earth, the unseen spiritual realm and Gods judgment for all members of his creation. We do not live in a fairy tale book, mankind is part of the greatest story ever told in the book of life that is unfolding before our very eyes."For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them." Matthew 13:15.

May the glorious light of our Creator shine brightly in your life to receive the eternal heavenly riches hidden beyond this world.


God bless you all,



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