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Terms of Purchase


Shark Watch South Australia Canvas Prints


Before purchasing a Shark Watch South Australia canvas print, you must agree and accept the following conditions of purchase. If you have any queries relating to any clause in this section, please feel free to email Shark Watch at, or contact our hotline on 0414925556

1. Operations: SWSA is not a fully licensed photography service, nor does management operate commercial photography activity in areas requiring a photography permit. All canvas prints advertised for sale are purely amateur based and will not be edited using advanced, paid photography applications unless requested to do so. Any request to edit the advertised print beyond what work is usually conducted to improve its original copy, may incur additional charges upon the managements discretion.


2. Physical Product: SWSA complete release of liability for the finished product of the canvas print – thereof, following your order, SWSA, is in no way, responsible for the physical creation of the print itself and for this reason, accepts no liability for any notable deformity associated with any part of the print from the point of delivery and thereafter.  If you are unsatisfied with the finished product, please email with clear photographs of the prints deformity. From this point, it is at the discretion of management as to whether or not the print is sent back to the supplier to be remade.  


3. Payment: Form of payment – SWSA uses Wix secure payments to process all payments made on this website. For this reason, SWSA excludes all liability for any lost payments or issues encountered during or thereafter the transaction process. SWSA will endeavor to resolve any issues encountered during or thereafter the online payment process. If a problem is encountered, please email immediately, clearly defining the issue along with physical evidence of the problem at hand. 


4. Refunds: No refunds for order cancellations – Once payment has been successfully processed and your order has been lodged to our suppliers for its manufacturing, SWSA offers no refunds for order cancellations from this moment and anytime thereafter. This includes any form of a discount off the original purchase price.


5. Refunds: Customer dissatisfaction – Once the print has been delivered, the customer is not entitled to a refund if they are dissatisfied by the quality of their purchase providing there are no clear deformities visible on the print itself. This includes any form of a discount off the original purchase price.


6. Delivery Timeframe – SWSA gives no timeframe, as to when your print will be delivered following its purchase. Our suppliers are sourced from interstate and due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we expect that delays may hinder the usual timeframe of delivery. For this reason or any other circumstances which may arise resulting in the delay of the arrival of your print, SWSA offers no refund or reduction in price for the first 30 days after your order has been lodged. After this timeframe, you have the right to request a discount of 30% off the original purchase price for every month that follows after the 30 days.

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