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The Canvas Line

From passion to profit

To run a project like Shark Watch, you must have a special connection to the water. I have a lot of people asking me whether I make any sort of profit from managing Shark Watch. It's as if they think I'm an employee working a boring 9-5 job. So, as Shark Watch is only a fully voluntary commitment, it got me thinking... how could I turn my work into a profit? Better still, how could I turn over a dime in an ethical way which still complements the core values of the Shark Watch service? To answer this question, I figured that keeping it simple, is best!  An adventurer myself, I take my camera out with me every time I hit the water to document and then share with you some of the most underrated and untouched coastal destinations in the state! By purchasing my prints, you're showing off South Australia's very best angles of coastline to everyone who walks through your door!

Yours truly, Anton. 

By purchasing any of our prints below and showcasing them in your unique living spaces, you're promoting our great state and giving back to a 100% South Australian cause in shark awareness and marine conservation!

All prints manufactured by Australian suppliers 

All profit recycled back into Shark Watch 

Free Delivery - Included in your purchase!

Sizes & Pricing

Coastal Stretched Canvas

(S) 30cm (12") x 60cm (24"): $90.00

(M) 40cm (16") x 70cm (28"): $100.00

(L) 50cm (20") x 80cm (32"): $120.00

(XL) 60cm (24") x 100cm (40"): $140.00*

(XXL) 100cm (40") x 120cm (48"): $180.00*

*Size available for only a select few prints.

Great White Shark Stretched Canvas

(S) 30cm (12") x 60cm (24"): $100.00

(M) 40cm (16") x 70cm (28"): $110.00

(L) 50cm (20") x80cm (32"): $130.00

(XL) 60cm (24") x100cm (40"): $150.00

Step by Step

1) Place your order and proceed straight to secure payment using the buttons positioned under each print.

2) Once payment has been approved, Shark Watch will send an automated email to the designated address confirming your order.


3) Shark Watch will send a manual follow-up email to arrange a suitable delivery location for your print. 

Pricing & Ordering

Our prints give life and purpose to the empty voids of living spaces.


They can be displayed in any way, shape, or form and can easily be installed/removed.


All prints are stretched around 3cm deep pine wood.

Select Your Print
Glenelg & Brighton

Selection 1 - Desserted Glenelg: Captured on March 27 2020. COVID-19 causes tight restrictions and the state shuts down. A morning paddle in the bay paints a ghostly picture of the pandemic surrounding us. Nature blemishes amid the crisis. It flourishes in the deafening silence. 

Selection 2 - Glenelg Blocks: The Glenelg Blocks are located 600m offshore in the heart of the bustling Holdfast Bay. Seen here at sunrise on a gloomy lock down morning, let the glassy waters be a true testimonial of the moment experienced by all. It was a truly unforgettable paddle in the dreamy conditions.


Selection 3 - Glenelg Jetty: The defiance of Glenelg Jetty stands tall as it protrudes out of the glassy undisturbed water. You could view the high cloud in the foreground as the element of uncertainty which everyone felt during the bitter COVID era when this priceless moment was captured. 

Selection 4 - Brighton Beach: An easy winner for anyone who lives south of the city! It's the iconic Brighton Jetty Tower, or perhaps the grassy sea floor which makes you click the order button? Either way, we're just showing off Adelaide's best stretch of coast to anyone who walks through the door!


Selection 5 - Solitary Mangrove Tree: A solitary Grey Mangrove tree penetrates the surface and stands strong as  the tidal plains fill the creek mouth with salt water. The clouds halo the top of the tree and make it appear even more defiant than it already appears. Not even the gloomy clouds above can put a dampener on this expressive capture.

Selection 6 - Glassy Lake: We followed the rising tide further upstream until it lead us to a secluded junction well inland away from the more populous channel of Barkers Inlet. There's simply no description needed to encapsulate this amazing waterway. 


Selection 7 - Secluded Mangrove Creek: Tucked away in the northern stretch of Barkers Inlet lies a series of undisturbed creeks. With access only being limited to high tide, you may be lucky enough to lose yourself for kilometres as you follow the twists and turns of the glassy mangrove lined canals. Whether you're a gain explorer, or an admirer or nature, this is sure to add character to your living spaces!

Selection 8 - Reflective Sky: The sun and guiding mangrove trees welcomes us to a place of heaven. These truly magical trails provide some treasurable  photography opportunities. Once printed, they really can set the tone within one's household to be a truly great place. 

Great White Sharks
Edit 1.jpg
edit 4.jpg

Selection 9 - Rugged Ocean White: Great White Shark. Raw and intimate encounter at the Neptune Islands. Ultimate apex predator staunch amongst the relentless Southern Ocean swells in the deepest of blues. Solitary but content.

Selection 10: Turning on the Dime: The three-meter female turns in front of us. Positioned perfectly at the surface absorbing the sun's raise, she is above everything else around her. A true representation of the apex predator she is. 

Edit 5.jpg

Selection 11 - Alone with the King: Eye to eye. You and this 4 metre male. Alone and unaccompanied. Battle scars and scratches on his body, he's lived a life through the wars but still swims proudly today. This is his kingdom.

edit 6.jpg

Selection 12 - Eye to Eye: You and this 4 metre male. Alone and unaccompanied. Battle scars and scratches on his body, he's lived a life through the wars but still swims proudly today. This is his kingdom.

edit 7.jpg

Selection 13 - Jumping For Joy: Splashing back to reality is this energetic female who put on quite the show for her observers as well as everyone else who walks through your home with this beauty on display.

Edit 10.jpg
Edit 8.jpg

Selection 14 - Perspective: Let the photograph do the talking in this perfectly timed moment as this 4m male passes in the exposed oceanic blue.  

Edit 14.jpg

Selection 15 - Crunching Down: A bit more of an aggressive stance. This one is sure to add spice to which ever part of your household it accompanies!

Selection 16 - Going For the Kill: Mouth gaping. Eyes honing in on the surface. This is sure to be a best seller. Pure and fearsome. 

GWS 10.jpg
Edit 20.jpg
Rapid Bay Jetty & Sellicks

Selection 17 - Who Are You?: Approaching on the angle and turning away within meters of you. This 4m male is just as careful as you are with his analysis of the much smaller human being in front of him. 

Selection 18 - Follow the Hills: Sellicks Beach needs no introduction. This sunburnt land looks even better dropping into the turquoise summer blue than it does in winter.

Edit 22.jpg
Edit 23.jpg

Selection 19 - 90 Degrees: Another angle of sheer beauty. This one, more virtual, as if you are turning your head towards the Southeast corner of Sellicks Beach looking at Warabari Cove.

Selection 20 - All About Contrast: A great shot getting right up to the cliff face in the rocky outcrops of Sellicks. In summer, the crispy cliff faces drop into a flourishing submerged ecosystem.  

Edit 25.jpg
Edit 26.jpg
Semaphore Jetty

Selection 21 - Vintage Semaphore Jetty: Standing timeless amongst the glassy waters. Rusted, splintered, and battered the jetties telling past stands out the most amongst the deceitfully calm water.

Selection 22 - Semaphore Foreshore: Standing timeless amongst the glassy waters. Rusted, splintered, and battered the jetties telling past stands out the most amongst the deceitfully calm water facing towards the land she originated from.

Edit 27 preferred.jpg
Edit 28.jpg

Selection 23 - Pebble Beach Bliss - A stone's throw away (no pun intended) from Myponga Beach, lies pebble beach. This remote bay never seizes the imagination with its enormous cliffs, sheltering boulders, and long-haired seaweed.

Selection 24 - Pebble Beach Water Level - A stone's throw away (no pun intended) from Myponga Beach, lies pebble beach. This remote bay never seizes the imagination with its enormous cliffs, sheltering boulders, and long-haired seaweed.

Edit 30.jpg
Edit 29 no hue.jpg

Selection 25 - Rocky Eternity: So many contrasting personalities. The mix of the rough and jagged rocks piercing the calm and peaceful waters makes a true statement of character.

Selection 26 - Desert & The Sea: An amazing expression of nature as the dry valleys of the Fleurieu Peninsula collapses into the deep blue of the St Vincent Gulf. It's a truly "out there" print ready to intrigue all the visitors who walk through your doors.

Pt Gawler 5 landscape.jpg
Pt Gawler 4.jpg

Selection 27 - Gawler River - A step away from the hustle and bustle on the outskirts of the northern plains lies this incredible junction of glassy still waterways waiting to be explored. For anyone who knows Port Gawler, it's plenty of memories and an instant seller.

Selection 28 - Never Ending - Grab a kayak and follow Gawler River upstream. What you'll find is an endless canal of peacefully still waters that come to life with the tide. With no one else around, mark this territory as yours and have it hanging as a monumental piece of adventure!


Selection 29 - Battered Cliffs a Pebbles Bliss: A never ending seascape featuring sheltered coves, rocky reefs and pebble rich beaches. That's how a day should be spent, or in this case, morning. 

Selection 30 - Rapid Bay Delight: This one's for all you diving enthusiasts who want to preserve the iconic surface view of the towering pylons stretching down to the ocean floor below.

Carrickalinga Head 2(re-edit)2.jpg
Carrickalinga Head 1(re-edit).jpg

Selection 31 - Nook of CarriThere are many expressions exercised in this stunning capture of the famous Carrackalinga Head. This amazing print can be interpreted in any way with its diverse color and dominating landscape showcasing the rugged beauty of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Selection 32 - Carrickalinga Beauty: Facing Southwest towards Carrickalinga and Normanville, weathered rock faces and deep coastal drop-offs make this iconic stretch of coast a genuine top-seller. Seen here on a glorious day in mid-May, add these untouched waters to spruce up any part of your home!

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